Welcome to Colombia's newest training center for social entrepreneurship.

Quántica is a training ground of innovative thinking for individuals taking action to transform the status quo. Above all, we are a community of doers collaborating for a better world.


Innovation Summer Camp

This summer, discover what you're capable of and immerse yourself in a world of innovation and leadership development. Over the course of 10 days, you will be challenged to move beyond innovation the buzzword, to actually apply its principles in the design of your own impact project, harnessing your passions and expanding your talents.


Join our Impact Lab!

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In 3 months, become a changemaker.


If not now, when? If not us, who?

Creative Business Design

Through our Impact Lab, the Quántica Challenge, and the Game Changers initiative, we co-create spaces of learning to collaborate towards a better world. Social entrepreneurs, students, businesses – join us!

Short Workshops

The consulting division of Quántica offers 10+ workshops for both individuals and organizations. From leadership to communication, to innovation and change management, and much more – we can't wait to unleash your potential.

Our Philosophy

Quántica exists for those who are driven to be a difference makers.
For those who may not know where to start, but know you want to start now, and never stop.

We're here to equip you in the business of impact.
So that you may wield the power of social entrepreneurship in your communities and beyond.

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"Quántica offers a uniquely ambitious proposition – that social entrepreneurship can be taught, and that doing so will change the world. They share our core belief that creative, practical, disruptive, and human-centered education is key to training today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. By making such training more accessible and effective (and fun!) they have created a model in which “tomorrow” is synonymous with a better future.

Positive Deviance

Showcasing those who transform the status quo.

What is Positive Deviance? It's the name of our blog, and it's also a whole lot more. Dig in, stay a while, and be inspired by the positive deviants that we have come to know. Maybe one day you'll be profiled on this blog as well!

Who we are

We're Small, We're Determined, and  We're growing. 

From psychology to business, to design and all things social entrepreneurship, we've come together and built the purposeful business school we wish we could have attended.


Curious? We like that.