30 November & 1 December 2019
9:00AM - 7:00PM

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    Are you an entrepreneur?

    We invite you to experience the new trend in the world of business: using business models as tools of social, environmental and cultural change.

    Quántica Education brings you, ImpactCo, a fair dedicated to social entrepreneurship.

    Meet the entrepreneurs who don’t just dream of a better world, they are already hard at work creating it.


    To quench your curiosity…

    + What is Quántica Education?

    Quántica is a school of social entrepreneurship and creative business design.

    + What is social entrepreneurship?

    All companies impact the world. A social entrepreneur seeks to create a scalable business model that positively impacts the world, while also being financially viable. This positive impact can be social, environmental or cultural.

    + Will there be products and services for sale at the fair?

    Yes! All the startups will be offering their products and services. By buying them, you will be contributing to the creation of a better world.

    + Is it possible to pay with a card?

    It will depend on the startup - but the majority will have the ability to accept card payments.

    + I have a social enterprise, can I participate in the fair?

    Yes. Write to us for more information about how to participate: impactco@quanticaeducation.com

    + Does it cost money to participate as a startup in the fair?

    Yes. Write to us for more information: impactco@quanticaeducation.com

    + Will there be music at the fair?

    Yes, what would a fair be without music?

    + What are the hours of the fair?

    9:00 AM - 7:00 PM. On both Nov 30 and Dec 1.

    + Still have questions?

    Write to us: impactco@quanticaeducation.com

    ¿Who are we looking for?

    Any startup which, in addition to offering a product or service, seeks to create positive social, environmental, or cultural impacts in the world.

    Why participate?

    You will be able to sell your products or services, gain visibility for your brand, network for new partnerships, and expand your impact.

    We are expecting more than 3,000 attendees!

    What does it cost to participate as a startup?

    Contact us and we will share with you all the necessary information: impactco@quanticaeducation.com

    Application to participate with your startup in the fair.

    Thank you to all the startups that applied to participate in the first edition of ImpactCo, which took place June 8th, 2019. Soon, we will open applications for the next edition.