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Camilo Bonilla

Camilo Bonilla

Executive Director
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Guided by his frustration related to inequality and violence in his country, Camilo co-founded Una Sonrisa por Colombia in 2008 to create social change. From 2010 to 2015, he studied Psychology in an effort to develop a deeper and more complex view of the world In 2012, he joined a group of entrepreneurs in co-founding 100 in 1 Day, an international active citizenship movement. He also worked or volunteered for various organizations including: Misión País Colombia, The Art of Living Foundation, Corporación Vínclos and PwC. All of these experiences have led him to concretize his sense of purpose. 

Camilo has a deep passion for holistic education as a means to empower individuals and to create a positive and sustainable change in the world. 

That’s why, after receiving his master's in Social Entrepreneurship, a degree that defines the person and professional he wants to be for the rest of his life, he returned to Colombia to co-found Quántica and bring it to life.

Camilo firmly believes that knowledge and creative ideas, like values, make sense only if they are lived.

Nicolás Corrales

Nicolás Corrales

Chief Innovation Officer

Nicolas did his undergraduate program of Business at Universidad de los Andes and certified himself as facilitator of learning spaces, at the Danish school of design and business alternative education Kaospilot. Similarly, he was trained in the model of The Power of Basics ™ by Professor Emeritus Gerard Egan that deals with the four basic models for value creation in an organization: (i) creating, taking the pulse and running it through strategy design and execution, (ii) managing innovation and change, (iii) dealing with communication and (iv) managing the shadow side.

He was co-founder of Una Sonrisa por Colombia, a non-profit organization focused on the realization of social impact events through education and social interventions. In addition, he has worked in various projects in the education and business sector, such as: the international process of high quality accreditation, of the different programs of the School of Business at Universidad de los Andes. And the execution and monitoring of the business strategies of one of the commercial units of Citibank Colombia.

Passionate about education and the power it has to create change at a personal and organizational level. And believer in the vision of being able to create a new way of learning through the creation of projects of impact, disruptive, experiential and chaordic education (chaos + order).

Camila Sarria Sanz

Camila Sarria Sanz

Chief Creative Officer

Camila is a designer interested in the social relationships embedded in communication, language, human values and education. She thrives in multidisciplinary environments that encourage human-to-human interaction as a means to learn and to lay foundation for future collaborative action.

She received an Academic Excellence Scholarship and graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes in 2016,with esteemed recognition for her projects, including the award for Distinction to University Social Responsibility.

Designing has been her tool to create change, particularly as a catalyst for sustainable and autonomous relations between people, their communities and their environments.

She believes that being a designer means having the responsibility to challenge social structures and to propose creative, alternative ways to face current problems creatively.

Alan Pierce

Alan Pierce

Chief Strategy Officer
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Alan has a depth of experience in social sector research, writing, and leadership. The thread of social impact service has propelled Alan from California to the Amazon, from research into psychology and spirituality, and into consulting for business and entrepreneurship.

Amidst this diverse experience, he has published more than 100 blogs and articles, co-authored several scientific papers on transformation, and facilitated educational workshops for youth and entrepreneurs.

Alan has a master's of Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School, and Management Consulting Level 1 Certification from the Management Consulting Institute.

He feels most alive when he is co-creating compelling solutions that deliver shared value towards a more just, peaceful and sustainable future. 

Alexander Bush

Alexander Bush

Director of Business Development
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Alexander has experience in a variety of diverse fields including; investment real estate, property management, supply chain management, urban agriculture, and social entrepreneurship.

He graduated with a Master of Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in San Francisco, California. Undergraduate education from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Supply Chain Management and Sustainability in Tempe, Arizona.

His personal mission is to restore and create value in society and the environment, to empower individuals and communities to reach self-actualization and enlightenment.

This mission is now engaging Alexander in catalytic social education and finance initiatives, to “move the needle” for aspiring social entrepreneurs and organizations.

Alicia Camacho

Alicia Camacho

Facilitator & Curriculum Designer

Alicia, an industrial designer trained at Universidad Javeriana, is passionate about entrepreneurship. Her career focus has guided her understanding of the importance of design as a multidisciplinary tool in the construction of sustainable startups with a social mindset.

Working with people using an experiential education approach is an area she has been involved with for more than eight years at organizations like Kajuyalí and Asociación Santa Cruz.

Becoming certified in facilitation and learning activities allowed her to focus on facilitating workshops and and events for youth and business-people alike. She has also worked as a volunteer on service projects with the objective of creating peace in her country.

Claudia Ortega
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Claudia is lawyer trained at Universidad Libre. In her professional life she has worked on areas such as fundamental human rights and workers' rights across a variety of sectors. To further pursue these areas, she completed specialized training in Labor Rights and Social Security at Universidad del Rosario.

She was a lawyer of constitutional matters in the Fourth Section of State Council and in the department of public organizations she was in charge of leading the General System of Social Security and Pensions.

Claudia is convinced that the fight for human rights can improve conditions for vulnerable communities and in recent years has sought ways to impact her field, finding in social entrepreneurship a tool to put to good use her knowledge and experience.

She is co-founder of Law for All Consulting, a startup providing legal services to entrepreneurs in the first steps of their entrepreneurial journey.

National Board of Directors

Carolina Medina

Carolina Medina

Carolina is a social entrepreneur from Colombia passionate about leveraging simple technology to increase development and equity. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agruppa, a startup that uses mobile phones and economies of scale to improve micro businesses at the base of the pyramid. Through Agruppa, Carolina and her team aim to optimize current supply chains at the Base of the Pyramid while making healthy food available to everyone, no matter where they live.

Carolina is the Curator of the Bogota Hub for the Global Shapers (a World Economic Forum initiative) and was selected as 1 of 17 United Nations Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide. She was selected as a finalist for Latin America for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (2017); and Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in latin America and the Caribbean by WeXChange of the IDB (2014). Carolina has an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the London School of Economics (LSE) and has over four years of national and international experience in consultancy, market research, and social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Alberto Espinosa López

Alberto Espinosa López

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Alberto Espinosa López is an entrepreneur, leader in education innovation, director several Colombian enterprises, Industrial Engineer of Universidad de los Andes, and author of the book "Ser para Liderar". In his professional career in the private sector, Alberto served as President of Meals Colombia and General Manager of Alpina. Additionally, he is co-founder of the Nutrir Foundation and the Forum of Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

Alberto has systematically contributed to the transformation of education in the country. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Forum of Rectors of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, of the Mentor Investors Project and of the advisory board of Enseña por Colombia. Additionally, he is co-founder of the XXI Century Leadership Education Project, Corposéptima and the Entrepreneurs for Education Foundation (EXE).

Alejandro Sanz de Santamaría

Alejandro Sanz de Santamaría


Alejandro is a tenured professor of the School of Management at Universidad de los Andes. Throughout his more than 40 years of experience as a teacher he developed a strong conviction for the study, disruption and improvement of the formative processes that are part of current education programs. Some of the research articles, texts and books that have contributed to this process include: "Reflections on the formative dimension in education," "The human problems that current education generates and ignores," "Education for peace and development - Do we instigate violence with the education we are giving?," "Action research project: Can ethics be taught?," " On the harmful effects of education," " Ethics is action, not reflection: what type of ethics are we teaching with educational action?" and "Human values education."

As his main initiative to change education, Alejandro founded Escuela Itinerante, a movement of educational innovation that has brought together groups of directors and teachers of public and private schools. Their objective is to continuously improve their own personal training to impact the pedagogical work with the students they serve.

Alejandro obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Massachusetts (United States) and an MA and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University (United States). He has worked as a consultant for British Petroleum, Banco Santander, Indupalma SA, Gimnasio Moderno, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and before starting his career as a professor he worked as Director of Organizational Development at Compañía Colombiana de Seguros and as General Manager of the Revolving Customs Fund of the Ministry of Finance. Lastly, he has participated as a member of the Board of Gimnasio Moderno and member of the Board of Directors of the Corona Foundation and Universidad del Rosario.

International Advisory Board

Gerard Egan

Gerard Egan

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Gerard Egan, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Organization Development and Psychology in the Center for Organization Development of Loyola University of Chicago. He has written more than 15 books in the field of counseling, communication, business, and management.

He has consulted, lectured, and given workshops around the world in areas such as strategy, business and organization effectiveness, management, leadership, the design and management of change, and challenging and redesigning corporate culture. 

Clients he has worked with include BP International, Merck, The World Bank, the International Rice Research Institute (Philippines), British Airways, the BBC, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the National Health Service (UK)

Adriana Bonilla

Adriana Bonilla

Adriana Bonilla is Program Manager of the RIAC Technical Secretariat at the Organization of American States. She has 15+ years of experience delivering expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication strategies. In her current role, Adriana supervises and executes the Americas Competitiveness Exchange program and the Americas Competitiveness Forum which takes place every 18 months in a different country of the Americas. Adriana interacts with over 400 regional contacts in the Americas in the fields of science and technology, competitiveness, innovation, education, and SMEs development. Prior to her work in the OAS (2007 - present), Adriana worked at ProColombia (former ProExport), as Marketing Strategist at Orbitel Company, and in the International Cooperation Section at the Embassy of Colombia in Spain. She is a fierce defender of gender equality, and passionate for initiatives that improve the well-being of the countries and citizens of the Americas.



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