Two opportunities. For a better world.

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Impact Lab

The Impact Lab is a consulting program in which we advise social entrepreneurs in the creation and implementation of sustainable projects and businesses. We support and accompany you from the identification of the problem you are trying to resolve, to the cultivation of your idea, to the design of possible solutions. Our process together may go up to the point in which you make your first sales, or acquire capital to continue onward.

Who is it for?
Individuals (and their teams) of any age with projects in idea phase or already in motion looking to make their first sales.

Innovation Summer Camp

This summer, discover what you're capable of and immerse yourself in a world of innovation and leadership development. Over the course of 10 days, you will be challenged to move beyond innovation the buzzword, to actually apply its principles in the design of your own impact project, harnessing your passions and expanding your talents.

Our Learning Environment

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