Positive Deviant: Balthazar Aguirre
Organization: Aguirre Cósmico
Location: Bogotá D.C.

We spoke with Balthazar Aguirre, an aficionado of music, life and nature. Baltazar is a talented individual who, after suffering an accident that almost ended his life, decided to dedicate himself full-time to what he loves most, music. He is an unconventional musician, who lives a unique and inspiring lifestyle. This is what he shared with us.

Quántica: Who is Balthazar Aguirre?

Baltazar Aguirre: An earthling in love with his planet and the life on it.

QA: What do you do?

BA: I make music, I bicycle, travel, spend time in the mountains, in that order.

QA: How was Aguirre Cósmico born?

BA: A climbing accident that almost killed me in Suesca in 2014 made me drastically change the course of my life. I was a lawyer working in a law firm and I realized that if I had died that day, I would have died terribly unhappy, unhappy with the state of my life. Even though I always played guitar, I never had the courage to take it up full-time. After the accident I started to worry more about how I was living. If today I die, at least I will have a clear conscience, which is currently dedicated to my band and living in balance in mind, body, spirit and with the planet.

QA: Who else is in the band?

BA: We're a quintet: Daniel Otavo on bass, Santiago Lizcano on drums, Sebastián Pulido on percussion, and right now we're changing saxophonist, we've always had one in the band.

QA: Why did you choose that name?

balthazar aguirre.jpeg

BA: Aguirre is a surname that has intrigued me ever since I saw the movie "The Wrath of God" by Werner Herzog. Cosmic is to inverse concepts of the psychedelic. It is not about seeing amazing things inside your head, cosmic is bringing those amazing things from the head into reality and uniting our planet under a unified path. Musically, it's what we do, unite music from every corner of the world.

QA: What brought you to this path?

BA: I always played music, but was very introverted and lonely. I did that for 10 years until I had the accident and the music became “THE” way.

QA: What makes Aguirre Cósmico different?

BA: We are the only ones who do what we do, a mix of Afrobeat, funk, psychedelic rock, jazz and cumbia in a show reminiscent of Pink Floyd, but that moves the body like any rumba of our land.

QA: What does your music produce and want to produce in the senses and in society?

BA: In the senses, a mental journey and a trance, in the body, dance, and in society more respect for the body, life, spirit and the planet.

QA: What inspires your band and what is the dream of Aguirre Cósmico?

BA: We are inspired by social revolutions, like those of the 60s which generated profound social, cultural and lifestyle changes. The dream of Aguirre Cósmico is to live under new paradigms that evoke balance with our body and the planet, and that we can travel the world doing what we love, playing live. Living the present moment with our public is the raison d'être of our group .

QA: What has been your biggest challenge in life?

BA: Maintain a balance between mind, body, spirit, work and love.

QA: How has Aguirre Cósmico changed your life?

BA: In lots of ways! Most of my time, energy, creativity and money I give to Aguirre Cósmico.

QA: Who would you like to make a song with?

BA: With Santana.

QA: What has been that one thing that has always given you the “perrenque” to keep going?

BA: That you can die today. We must take advantage of every second we are here, it may be the last.

QA: What has been your greatest learning in life?

BA: We have to focus on the simple stuff, on what we do every day: breathe, drink, eat, sleep, in that order. I do not know where I would be without meditation; noticing your breathing changes your entire world. The same as perceiving the body as a temple and treating it well.

QA: What does the future hold?

BA: More playing, more songs, a better live show, less plastic.

QA: Person you admire?

BA: I have many icons, but they have all moved on from this plane. I admire all those who change their lifestyle for the good of the planet.

QA: Someone indispensable in your life?

BA: Nobody is indispensable, but my partner gives me a lot of warmth, energy, tranquility and inspiration.

QA: Favorite book / text?

BA: Two: "Dogma and Ritual of Transcendental Magic" by Eliphas Levi and "The Eternal Search of Man" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

QA: Recommended film?

BA: Earthlings (2005)

QA: Favorite phrase?

BA: "I practice the path of self-discipline. I meditate every day.

I go the way of embracing love. I work as a mother and father of all beings.

I do deity yoga. I visualize myself as a Buddha in the cosmic unity.

I read books of all religions and practice all at the right moment.

Life is my teacher and my inner wisdom is my guide.”

QA: A message that you want to leave in the world.

BA: Stop using so much plastic and throwing so much smoke into the Earth. Eat less meat or completely stop killing our Earth brothers. Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit as if it was a temple. Do not judge, speak little, love and act.