One year. A lifetime of impact.

Inaugural cohort begins August 2018

Quántica is looking for ambitious individuals who want to make their communities a better place using the power of entrepreneurship. Subscribe to our email list and be the first to know when applications are open!

Program description

Come to learn. Not to perform.

We train potential change makers to harness opportunities where others perceive problems. We do so by taking a whole-person approach -- pairing competencies in business, management, and innovation with a focus on personal growth, leadership, and self disruption.


Key Activities:

  • Practical-Theoretical Seminars.
  • In-Company Visits to businesses, social businesses and NGOs.
  • Visits to universities and entrepreneurship centers.
  • Workshops with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Real consulting projects.
  • 20-day impact journey.
  • 2 extended field trips.
  • Visits to Eco-Villages and Permaculture Centers.
  • Constant mentoring from experts and professionals.
  • And more!
Program values

Leap into your potential.

Learners are encouraged to take risks, to try something new, to fail, to get up, and to try again. Quántica is a place for learning and experimentation, where we help students not only refine their purpose, but give them tools to be able to live from it.

The Learning Environment:

Learn by doing. We employ a fiercely creative, interactive, and hands-on mode of teaching and learning.

Teamwork. We harness collaboration and de-construct competition.

Autonomy. We encourage students to define the rhythm of learning and take responsibility for it.

Challenge. We push you to defy personal limits and to recognize that failure is an asset of the courageous.

Interior & Exterior. We intermingle tools for the most difficult learning of all, finding a balance between heart, mind, and body.


Who we're looking for.

We select based on purpose, passion, and commitment.

Potential students can apply:

  • With a project/business already in motion
  • Before having a project/business
  • Even before having an idea for project

We are looking for people who either:

  • Have graduated with a university degree or
  • Have 3 years of relevant professional or learning experiences (study, projects, volunteers, trips, etc.)

For those who do not have a university degree, we need documents that demonstrate relevant experiences and a description of why the applicant thinks they are a fit to our program.

The application process.

We want to know who you are, what your values are and where you want to go. We seek applicants who:

  • Know the type of program they are applying to

  • Communicate their considerable motivation and purpose

  • Demonstrate an attitude and willingness to seize what the program has to offer

Besides using the application process as a tool for us to know if the student is ready to start our program, we use it as a tool for the applicant to start his or her personal development process. The first stage of this comes in the format of questions in which the applicant explores his or her values, purpose, strengths, competencies and general knowledge. In the practical dimension of the application stage, a deep understanding of the self is key to successfully culminate the process.

Applications open soon. Stay tuned!

  • Laying a Foundation (2 weeks)

    Where am I? And where do I want to go? We'll get to know each other, and you'll get to know yourself a bit more too. Some themes we cover include: growth mindset, positive deviance, team creation, entrepreneurship.

  • Understandng the world (6 weeks)

    What is going on? Also, what is really going on? Together, you, your mentors, and your professors will dive into the state of the world – the good and the bad. Always solutions-focused, we dive into a toolbox for those solutions: social entrepreneurship, business fundamentals, systems thinking, design thinking, and more.

  • Owning our future (8 weeks)

    What do we want? How do we leverage what we've got? We take a practical approach to developing business skills so that entrepreneurship starts to be something you can wield as a tool for positive change. We'll creatively explore: sustainability, business development, project management, marketing and sales, and more.

  • Making it happen (8 weeks)

    How do we get there? We balance this learning module between a heavy dose of (fun) finance learning and the nuances of designing business models for social change. Themes include: stakeholder management, feedback systems, financing and accounting, product development.

  • Get out there! (8 weeks)

    "If not us, who? If not now, when?" While the whole program is designed through the lens of social impact, this module is especially heavy on strategies for transforming idealism into realism. Themes include: impact measurement, development economics, and an impact immersion field trip.

  • Scaling the solution (8 weeks)

    Go hard or go home. In addition to reviewing modes of financing, we give you space to finalize design, implementation, and presentation of your final project – a realization of your own social entreprenuerial endeavor.

  • Graduation!

    This is only the beginning. Whether you take advantage of our job placement program to join an organization or utilize your learnings to start your own, we can't wait to see the world you create.