Quántica is a school for a world in need of persistent change agents.

From our training programs to shorter workshops, we equip determined dreamers with the powerful and practical tools of social entrepreneurship and creative business design.

Our story
  • A passion is kindled

    At his university, Camilo founded Una Sonrisa por Colombia to promote social change in response to the inequality and violence he saw in his country.

  • A seed is born

    Camilo joins KaosPilot Colombia, experiencing first-hand the power of education to transform. The idea for Quántica begins to emerge and the powerful thought, why not?

  • Quántica takes form

    As a movement in positive deviance and social experimentation, Quántica the student group is formed at Universidad Javeriana. It's objective: Generate cultural impact by challenging, breaking and transforming cultural norms. In doing so, the group aimed to explore new frameworks of cultural awareness paired with determined, purposeful action.

  • A Deeper Training

    Camilo embarks on a master's degree journey at Hult International Business School. In addition to coursework, he invites professors, professionals and peers to share in the development of Quántica. Alan was one of those peers and he continues with Quántica to this day.

  • It's official

    Quántica is registered as an official entity in Colombia. The march towards our first cohort takes a big step forward.

  • First Cohort

    We welcome our first group of daring changemakers into the Quántica journey.

How we perceive education

Radical collaboration

We believe that collaboration is the best way to transcend the limits of what is possible.

Human development

The quality of our work in the world is a reflection of the quality of our inner world, our personal growth as human beings.

Real world

Learning and wisdom come from the real world . We seek to make it a relevant resource to then positively impact the world.

Social innovation

Find new ways of understanding and solving problems. Our commitment to creating a better world guides everything that we do.


Our environment honors mistakes as part of the innovation process and fosters the - why not? - mindset. Innovation, disruption and positive deviance guides everything that happens in Quántica. We want to see the reach of our students imagination and inventiveness.

Quántica wants to see creators and that is why our space is mainly one of experimentation. It is a place where there is no fear of being judged or of failing.  

Since we train our students in and for the real world, we focus on stimulating their proactive thinking so that they can see, understand, plan and act upon the opportunities that every context and situation offers.

Though it’s clear that our purpose is to create social value, we know that education becomes relevant when it means something to the student. This is why, despite having activities planned for the entire year, 30% of the experience is open to be planned by the students themselves (co-created with their team leaders).

For us, knowledge is a resource to positively impact reality. It’s not the same learning the “what” as it is learning the “how”. The “how” is where we center the learning experience.  We want knowledge and theory to be reflexive frameworks of collective action. We believe that knowledge, like values make sense only if they are put into practice in real life.

We never study in a fragmented way. There are no case studies or exams to prove how good people are at memorizing. There are no essays written without the touch of practice and experience. Our program involves creative discovery processes where learning starts and finishes in the real world. Students learn by creating, developing and solving. And most importantly, they learn how to create value for their clients, their teams, their communities and themselves.