September - December 2019 | Bogotá, Colombia

The Impact Lab is a hands-on program that will help you transform your frustrations into ideas, your ideas into actions, and your actions into sustainable impact projects.

In 3 months you’ll acquire entrepreneurship and personal development tools to reinvent yourself and to impact your community.

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Limited Space! We offer prices for students and the general public.

We're not looking for good grades, or that you come from the "best" schools, or that you have amazing letters of recommendation – more than anything we seek individuals motivated to start now and always persevere.



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Advice: Do not answer thinking about what we want to hear. Instead, be yourself. That’s what we are looking for and it will always be the best starting point.

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Who we are looking for

Let us guess who you are. You have studied, traveled, or both. Maybe you’ve worked on personal projects or developed one within your organization. On this journey you’ve realized that you want to dedicate your life to a purpose bigger than yourself and that life is too short to continue putting off the day that you begin to work for it.

Maybe a business that creates social capital, or maybe a cultural project, or maybe something to do with technology. Or all of the above.

You could be looking to create your own company, or start a project inside your organization, or maybe you are an student audacious enough to start working on your project already (Qúantica started that way – it’s never too early!).

In the Impact Lab, you’ll find a space where biologists, engineers, doctors, philosophers, artists – people from all professions – come together to challenge hierarchies and the limits of what is possible.

It’s not so important where you come from as it is where you want to go. Whatever your area of expertise is or what you’re passionate about, what’s most important to us is that you want to put it to service for the world.


The philosophy behind the Lab

Many of us didn’t have any other option but to follow the rules in our schools.

The Impact Lab is a place where instead of following them, you are encouraged to create them.

It’s a learning environment that is focused on the student, on ensuring that the student is active in his or her own educational process.

We’ve learned that entrepreneurship isn’t so much about acquiring knowledge and theories as it is about the transformation of the human being(s) behind every project.

The human being, you, is the one who we will be preparing to apply those theories and that knowledge in the real world.

We know that the entrepreneurship process is intense, filled with challenges, and for this reason we’ve designed the program in a way that will develop an entrepreneurial mentality to confront and overcome these challenges with all the necessary tools to solidify your project.

We’re not seeking more people who are looking for a better world. We’re seeking people who are going to create it!


Lab content

- Learn-by-doing, applying design and business tools and best research practices in the initial creation of socially impactful and financially sustainable projects.

- Create prototype solutions to the issue in the world that moves you, using those prototypes to validate the social/environmental and financial aspects of your project.

- Join a growing network of individuals who, like us, want to create a difference in the world. We know that taking this leap isn’t easy and for this reason we’re a community that takes that risk together, supporting one another to reduce the learning curve in that journey.

- We’ll create positive disruption and change in our lives in order to discover and recognize everything that we’re capable of doing when we believe in ourselves.

- Develop leadership, teamwork, communication, project management, and facilitation skills.

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The learning environment

- Weekly in-person or virtual (depending on the program you choose) 3-hour workshops

- Recurring personalized meetings per project

- Support from our network of mentors

- Through a unique iterative school format, taking advantage of city’s learning spaces by having sessions in different co-working spaces, entrepreneurship centers, and more. They will further inspire you and possibly serve as future resources in your entrepreneurial journey.

- Enjoy the Impact Hub work space, forming a part of their global community (presence in 50+ countries). You’ll enjoy beginner’s member benefits like co-working hours, access to their international mentor network, and the possibility to attend community events.

- Sessions and workshops with expert guests.

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